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Season 1 Episode 13 Pt.2 – All According To Plan (Season Finale)

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1985 Games:

Meet the gang!

Justin Escutin

Joel Evangelista

Emily Roughley

Mark Aaron Neuman

Dungeon Master – Alexander Gallacher

Video Production by Bryan Hernandez and Meaghan Cooper

Audio, Music & SFX by Alex Sadowski and Miguel Pulido

Music Composition by Tatsu Uehira

Graphic Design by Molly Fraser and Justus Buenaflor

Live Graphics by David Candelaria

Art by Augustine Ng and Justin Ronquillo

Background Art by James' RPG Art

Production Assistance by Melissa Legrow and Luis DaCosta

3D Printing by Todd Martins

Special Thanks:

James Finnerty

Buck Moore

Dave Pedro

Lionel Pedro

Alex Williams

Blind Luck Pictures

DAM Sandwiches

In Partnership With and Recorded at Trench Recordings

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